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The Ripon Apprenticeship & Training Hub (RATH) will bring together businesses, who face a long-term shortfall of staff, with 14-16 year olds from the local schools.

The scheme will complement their schooling by teaching good working standards and help students at the very start of their career paths.

By engaging 14 year olds onward, strong talent pipelines will be established, enabling business to access staff when needed and young people to access opportunities and work experience close to home.

Debunking employing young people

ACTUAL: Children aged between 13 and 16, while they are still of compulsory school age, can legally work.
ACTUAL: By engaging with 14-16 year olds, you can actually increase their potential working life with you from 14 to 18 years, and possibly beyond, as research shows students who carry out workplace experience are more likely to stay with that company.
ACTUAL: As long as employers obtain a work permit from North Yorkshire County Council for school age employees, your insurance will cover you.
ACTUAL: Only certain types of work and certain hours of work are allowed, however, as long as a work permit is obtained, businesses are not at risk. RATH will support and guide businesses through the process.
ACTUAL: Students can work up to 12 hours on weekdays and up to either 5 or 8 hours (depending on age) on Saturdays and up to 2 hours on Sundays.
ACTUAL: Children aged between 13-16 can do:

  • Agricultural or horticultural work
  • Delivery of newspapers, journals and other printed material
  • Shop work, including shelf stacking
  • Can work in hairdressing salons
  • Office work
  • Can work in a café or restaurant
  • Can work in riding stables, kennels and catteries
  • Domestic work in hotels and other establishments offering accommodation
  • Can work in a healthcare/clinical environment

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