A different day out in Ripon – Come and see the hand-knitted full size replica tank!

Looking for different things to do in Ripon – look no further!

The Ripon Inn was the place to be on Tuesday, as we saw the launch of the amazing knitted tank crafted by the fabulous team at the Ripon Community Poppy Project . The hand knitted tank was created to celebrate the 80th anniversary of D-Day & 75th anniversary of the Royal Engineers getting the Freedom of the City.
Why not take a stroll through the Spa Gardens and then on to The Ripon Inn where the tank will be on display until the 9th of May.
The tank will also will be available to view at the following locations across our wonderful city too ;
The life sized tank has taken volunteers over 70,000 hours of planning, creating and assembling and isa truly amazing achievement from the wonderful team at the Ripon Community Poppy Project. Make sure you pop along and see it while you can – Ripon makes a great day out!
Why not buy a ticket for the D-Day concert on 6th June at either Stuff4Offices or the Wakeman’s Cafe. You can also get tickets online by clicking on the link here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk