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During your Haunted Happenings ghost hunt you will be able to take part in many experiments to find out who or what haunts Ripon Workhouse!

Ripon Workhouse holds many secrets demonstrating what life was like for the poor, homeless and those in despair. With many original areas still visible giving a real insight into what life was like for its inhabitants this is a real opportunity for you to get a glimpse of how their existence would have been as residents of this foreboding and desolate building. The fact that it is now a working museum does not detract from a visible reality of what life was like here.

Even during the day there is an overwhelming sense of being watched by unseeing eyes. When walking through the female block many visitors say that the hairs stand up on the back of their necks whilst others have witnessed ghostly figures in the children’s school room during their investigation. With so many areas to explore and so much history of how people were managed during such a difficult period of their lives this is an investigation not to be missed.

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