Markenfield Hall

A much-loved, mediaeval and historic house

Set within stunning Yorkshire countryside south of Ripon, medieval Markenfield has remained largely untouched, and is one of a handful of moated, medieval manor houses that could still be recognised by their original owners; indeed the Hall is instantly recognisable thanks to its crenelated silhouette reflected in its encircling moat, which was patrolled by two Black Swans until 2019 when we discovered we had acquired an Otter… Despite its bloody history, the Hall exudes a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere and, although only open generally for short periods of time, there are opportunities to visit throughout the year- either individually or as a group – for talks, tours and teas; and we have been told that we serve exceedingly good homemade cakes! We are proud to be a member of the Historic Houses Association.

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Markenfield Hall

Markenfield Hall

Markenfield is the seat of the Grantley family – builders of nearby Grantley Hall – and is the much-loved family home of the widow of 7th Lord Grantley and her second husband. Together, Lady Deirdre and Ian Curteis continue the restoration of the Hall and the wider Estate.

Medieval Markenfield remains largely untouched, and is amongst a small number of moated manor houses that – to this day – could still be recognised by their original builder as they are so little-altered. The Hall’s fortunes were deeply entwined with those of nearby Fountains Abbey prior to the Reformation, and this great house acted as one of the most important centres of The Rising of the North in 1569, which was to be its tragic downfall. This act of Treason by Sir Thomas Markenfield saw the Estate swiftly confiscated, and it slumbered on in relative obscurity until 1761 when it was purchased by Sir Fletcher Norton – later to become Lord Grantley, First Baron of Markenfield, a title still held by the family to this day.