White Rabbit Trail for Summer Holidays

BID Businesses register for the trail now! Replies need to be in by 10th June for your business to be included.

After the success of last year’s summer trail and recent Easter trail, we are happy to announce our 🐰 White Rabbit Trail which will run throughout the Summer holidays.
🕵️‍♂️ The trail will encourage families to visit Ripon and move around the City, taking in both our brilliant businesses and amazing attractions.
To maximise BID businesses involvement in the trail, we would love to highlight your in-store promotions, stock items or perhaps you would like to add your own in-house competition to bespoke to your business?
If you are interested and would like your business to take part, please send an email to manager@riponbid.co.uk by the 10th of June so we can finalise the map and make sure you are included in all the promotional activity.