Ripon BID funds RadioLink for its members

Ripon BID, North Yorkshire Council Safer Communities and Harrogate District Businesses Against Crime help to increase security for Ripon traders

With Ripon BID now funding the hire of Apex radios in Ripon for its levy payers, membership of the local Business Crime Partnership, Harrogate District Businesses Against Crime (HDBAC) has risen by 125%.  27 city centre businesses now have an Apex 2-way RadioLink radio which is connected directly to the CCTV control room.  Use of the radio enables HDBAC to train CCTV cameras directly onto potential shop thieves, those causing anti-social behaviour or missing persons and is a direct link into the police presence in the control room.  North Yorkshire Police have also agreed to carry the radios, where resources allow, which means a quicker in person response to any problems.

With the cost-of-living crisis being felt in the run up to Christmas and the potential for a rise in shop thefts, Ripon BID and its partners took the decision to tighten security in the city with a substantial roll out of the RadioLink system.  Members of HDBAC receive quarterly updates which include the names and photographs of know repeat offenders, this plus the early warning system the radio provides, gives Ripon traders the tools they need to help prevent stock loss and also gives security to loan workers.

An early success with the scheme was achieved this week when a new HDBAC member reported to the CCTV control room, using Radiolink, that there was a person with dementia missing in Ripon. The CCTV control room informed other Ripon members and local police units and the missing person was located by Police a short time later, safe and well.  The CCTV control room then updated members that they no longer need to look for the person and thanked them for their efforts.

HDBAC will also be running a Ripon RadioLink meeting in the next 2 months for members to share any intelligence or raise any concerns.