Exciting news!  Your opportunity to get involved in the new Ripon Triathlon Festival…

On the weekend of 13th-14th July The Brownlee Foundation together with Ripon NYP Triathlon Club are bringing a family-friendly Triathlon festival to Ripon.

The event will see 500 participants (the majority of whom will bring supporters) take part in a variety of events including Sprint, Standard, Middle distance triathlons, open-water swims and a range of children’s races.

The festival will include various activities for children including bouncy castles and games and the opportunity to try the sport.

The Brownlee Foundation are really keen for Ripon and its business community to benefit from the festival and are inviting expressions of interest for the following:

  • Catering – Currently there is one catering firm booked but any other businesses who want to provide onsite catering would be welcome to bid.
  • Expo – this will be a collection of stands featuring related and/or local products. Businesses would be welcome to come and exhibit to either sell their services (bike shops etc.) or products. Rough price around £50 per stand dependent on product.
  • Crew pack lunches – There is a need for a local business to provide circa 50-100 pack lunches on each of Sat/Sun for the volunteers
  • Post race meal – Middle distance – Potential for a business to provide a post-race meal for the long race competitors (could double up with the catering mentioned above)
  • Sponsors – The event is not for profit, with all proceeds going towards the Brownlee Foundation.  There are lots of opportunities to advertise potential sponsors (mailing lists/physical signs etc). Any financial sponsorships will directly go towards the Foundation’s work plus anyone who wants to donate their products/services in any of the below can be given sponsor options  to help maximise the funds going direct to the foundation
  • Raffle/Auction – to help raise funds for the foundation there will be running a raffle/auction. If any businesses would like to donate, their gifts would be appreciated and treated as a sponsorship
  • Prizes – If businesses would like to donate some race prizes for the top finishers this again would be treated as sponsorship
  • Children’s goodie bag for race participants – donations appreciated.
  • Aid stations – Any businesses who can donate food/drinks to help the athletes mid race would be greatly appreciated.

“It’s about doing everything we can to encourage as many people as possible to travel here to experience the magnificent countryside and also to help triathlon maintain a really strong presence in the north of England.”
Alistair Brownlee on the new Ripon Triathlon Festival

Contact us on info@riponbid.co.uk if you would like to get involved!