Energy Report – Today’s Announcement

Please follow this link: Energy Report Update (21 SEP 2022) to a brief report by Place Support Partnership detailing the outcome of today’s announcement by the government on the support available to businesses to combat the rising energy prices. Whilst the outcome is a positive step it doesn’t offer level support to all businesses and the government may need to go further in the coming weeks and month to provide further security and reassurance for specific sectors. It has also been highlighted that the support doesn’t extend to supporting those businesses that agreed new contracts prior to 1st April even though the energy sector has been affected by extreme volatility since September 2021, with many businesses still locked into inefficient contracts outside of the scope of this package of support.
Rishi Sood and the team at PSP are available to provide clarity and support to businesses and share their findings along with their experience in the sector to deliver trusted advice in how best to navigate the current energy landscape whilst also reviewing alternatives means to becoming cost efficient and remaining viable as a business.
BID businesses can contact them (without charge) direct on: 03330 156 289 or at