Apprenticeship Success!

A testimonial from Holly Atkinson who has been offered an apprenticeship at Saks in Ripon:

“I contacted Saks at Ripon to see if they had any Saturday type jobs available until I started college in September, Lee Kettlewell contacted me back saying come in for a chat. I went in not knowing anything about the apprentice scheme or RATH as my high school or the colleges I’ve been looking at did not inform me that this was available to me.

After a great chat with Lee and a look around the salon he invited me to a days trial and has offered me a apprentice opportunity with him which I’m thrilled with and can’t wait to join his team.

The only option school advised was to go to college to become hair stylist so I wish I had known about RATH before as it would of made the last few months easier to know all my options.

My family are also really happy that local business are really helping and looking after people within their own area, thank you so much for the opportunity and I can’t wait to start my apprenticeship with Lee.”

Holly Atkinson.